Saturday, 1 August 2009

What is the best thing to do on holidays ever?

That's right. Jumping off rocks!!!!!!! So awesome!!!! Feel as though I'm on holiday now!! Love rocks, love jumping, love shakey legs. Had to swim though to get there (it's on video - coming soon to a cinema near you)

Cycled to a sunken quarry and there was a cliff face that went 50m under. Lots of ledges - I worked up to 7m. (Felt Judes ribbon come free whilst heavily under water - opened my eyes and grabbed it. I'm such a devoted teacher). 7m - that's not bad is it - it hurt when I had my arms out!!

Then the locals came and absolutely put me to shame. 20m. Easy. I'm considering staying for a week to (1) hang out with the cool people I've met here, (2) to work my way up to 20m. Looked very scary. But i think couple are joining me for ride to Poland - they said there is no way I can reach Auschwitz tomorrow. Now that's like waving a red flag in front of a bull - see you in Auschwitz tomorrow!! (night probably).

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  1. You need to improve your diving (so says Thalia) but jumping awesome!!

    LOL Thalia, Suzanne, Nick and Rhea xx