Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Day 16 - 17

I take it all back. I had smiles, laughter, enquisitiveness (is that a word?) all day. Polish girls are so utterly beautiful it is like being a kid in a candy store. When the first one smiled at me, I almost pitched my tent at once, made a ring from my ribbons and proposed to her right there and then, asking her to live in my tent happily ever after. Lou will be cross with me that I didn't but it was a good job I didn't coz I might have a number of wives now!! (That is assuming they all said 'yes' - which I think a guy with my good looks, charm, wit, personality CAN assume :o) One even introduced me to her grandfather - who we happened across on one of my lost moments when she was leading me out of a maze on her bike.

It was another day of hills - this time slightly steeper and slightly more!! My legs felt like the last 50m of a Laurence led hungry hill session at the top (and eventually the bottom and middle) of each hill - there were approx 50 or so or more.

I was really pleased when I found the little tiny road I needed and continued taking hill after hill for another 1.5 hours before realising I was about 10k further away than when I started. It was raining so I couldn't use my shadow compass. ("You know that circuit of PAIN - well I went rand again!!")

Keep lovin'

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