Thursday, 27 August 2009

The Bent support team

As I was cycling along the road to Donets I was greated by a sight that filled me with happiness and joy. My mum waving at me from down the road. Oh the memory is so sweet!!

Whilst athletes were competing in Berlin to be the best in the world, my mum and dad had flown out to the Ukraine to prove once and for all they are head and shoulders above the rest - no better exist.

Armed with maps, warm gear, smiles, hugs, cycle equipment, medication, more hugs, more smiles they had flown out to Eastern Ukraine to have a 'holiday' - i.e. pamper Dan. (NB Thanks again to bicycle, richmond and Cotswolds, kingston - both of whom have been total and utter legends keeping my dream alive)

They had booked me into a swanky hotel with mod cons, a shower that I didn't have to run around in to get wet, then hired a car and took me to the coast for a much needed holiday.

They were in their element but it was nice, for the first time, to be the one who was able to take charge and use my little russian to communicate and make things happen. Sometimes the things that happened were unexpected. Pork coming instead of fish for example - my family have been vegetarian for 32 years!!

So we are on the coast - Dad is busy scrubbing all my clothes in a bucket, massaging my legs (on that note - I am not looking forward to my next trip to see Roberto when i get back - Dads hands were enough pain11), he plotted the rest of my trip on my maps - amazing. Exactly how he's been for the past 30 years. Mum on the other hand was first to dive into the freezing, nuclear waste coloured water, oiling my dry and flakey feet as we watched the athletics, holding me tight when i needed it and saying the right things.

Both are worried sick about the trip and as i cycled away after 3 fantastic days i wondered how i could do this to two of the people I love most????

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