Sunday, 16 August 2009

Quick update on other stuff:

Things I don't like:

*Being chased by dogs
*Horribly painful knee that I thought could stop the trip (getting better) after 560k in 3 days - stupid me!!
*Being passed by trucks who toot - nice enough - but then have combine harvesters on the back that brush past you!!!
*Working ladies in the clubs in Kiev.
*The mold in my water bottles - nasty!!
*Being asked how I can be a decent cyclist with such small calves. Twice on one day. Another French girl said she didn't believe I was cycling all the way whilst looking at my lower legs.

Things I do like:

*Borrowing the baggy jeans of one of the guys who questioned my calf size and not being able to get them over my thighs!! In your face Till!!!
*Old women fighting by the road side to see who was going to give me pears. I ended up with a pannier full!!! :oD
*Meeting friends from Lviv in Kiev.
*Knowing mum and dad will be here in 2 days
*Cheese pasties!! Been dreaming of them and then found them in Kiev - ate 10 on the trot!!
*Hugs from strangers
*People coming up to me in a club and saying "you're the guy who's cycling to India - you crazy b#####"
*Having 5 course buffet or less than 3 pounds. 3 times a day.
*Singing rock and roll to passers by
*Dancing and singing with hard core fans at Ukraine v's Turkey football game
*Speaking to Ukrainian in Russian and being asked if I am a Russian - dig my pronunciation!!

Point of interest:

Most of the shops I come across now use an abacus and a pot as a till. Not too much scanning of bar codes going on!!

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