Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Tough Guy

After a couple of days in the Ukraine living La Viva Loca in L'Viv, I was having a conversation with a bunch of guys who mentioned that at least they hadn't been drinking the local tap water and everyone laughed as apparently it's toxic. No one told me. I'd been drinking it for 2days and had no bad affect. I also stopped at a truckers refuelling station and had a pig kebab cooked on an open fire that had been kept in a bucket. No repercussions. Who's the tough guy? Man of steel. Rock hard. Brave Soldier. Me?

Apparently it's not me: (See below)

In my defence I had seen people living / drinking in the bushes about 3k up the road and I spoke with a english teacher just before putting up my tent who said it was too dangerous - in my tired state that word didn't register till I'd put the tent up!! I'm a teacher i hear and see everything, when I'm full of adrenalin it goes a little crazy - the apples falling off the trees sounded like footsteps and then the scratching of my face fluff on the sleeping bag made me think things were being thrown at the tent.

When I woke up the next morning alive I decided to have a little party with all my pics of family and friends out as well as lucky star, stone, shell, bands, coin, fungal cream. It's pretty special. This is especially for Stevo (it's slightly shorter than one of my attacks on the bike but far more painful!! You asked foir it -in fact dared me to do it!! :o) )

I know what you're thinking. Was that an angel singing? It was me!!


  1. Dan that's the best song in the whole wide world!