Tuesday, 11 August 2009

No, really, I am a tough guy

So left Lviv - probably the coolest city I've been to (EVER, in the whole wide world <- just for you, Fi)!!!

Ukraine hasn't quite cashed in on the ginger biker tourist trade and I couldn't find any accommodation anywhere. There were couple of hotels - fully booked or knocked to the ground. So camped rough, then slept in a restaurant car park. Was given free food and drinks by Ukrainians all along - I did repay favour by helping a guy out who'd run out of petrol - filling his car up from my stove fuel.

So, I had 3 days of cycling, 560km (yes, A LOT), and no showers before arriving in Kiev. When I showered (something the receptionist pointed out I could use as soon as like) the water came off me brown. NICE!!!

Let me confirm 560km in 3 days with about 50kg more on the bike than should be - what a tough guy!! I'd say 11 hours cycling a day, and still felt good at the end of it.

I've started singing on the bike to pass the time, and practicing language skills.

Here's a beauty - this passed at least 20k!!

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  1. You are one mad guy Mr Bent! But your blog is keeping Paul and I very amused. As soon as I get a bank card sent back to me (the cheeky so and so at Dominos pizza sold on my card details and someone tried to book a £3600 holiday on it) we'll add on a donation to show our appreciation for your entertainment!

    Hope it's going well - and that the locals are deaf with that singing! ;0)

    Keep pedaling