Tuesday, 28 July 2009

What do you think about for 6-8 hours a day?

Good question!!

Well as the barley quietly waves me through, the winds whistle and the corn pops like party poppers celebrating my arrival, as lizards scramble from my wake (hit a big one today - sorry little fella), the horn of cars toot there approval, the smell of evergreens in your nostrils - it's the perfect setting to think about things...

The main thing I think is "why am i doing this?" I'm not thinking it coz I'm tired or in pain, even if am. It's not coz I not enjoying mysef. I'm just kinda interested. To travel, definitely. To raise money for charity, that's a bonus. To get friggin strong on the bike, we'll see - hopefully be kicking butt when I get back, if legs hold up. Educate myself, always handy for cocktail party chat. To allow me to get things straight in my head, nah, I'm always gonna be Bent. To meet new people? To live a simpe life - it's cool knowing where everything is - I haven't lost anything for 10 days - that's a record)? Grow calves - I think that's the one.

Another thing I think about is what I'm going to write to you guys - my loyal followers. :) The thing is I always forget as soon as i sit in front of one of these machines. I sometimes stop and write things down - never remember to bring my book!! (You can tell - I'm boring myself!!)

You know I'm not very good at directions, well, I did about 30k this morning and ended up back in Richmond. I thought I was in Czech republic. Noone told me I was just doing laps of Richmond park!!! Czech republic made me feel at home in many ways today. A simple shop called Rich, another Thalia, and the roads. Ahhh... sweet surrey roads. No longer super smooth - big potholes to jump / crash into. Imagine the best road on all the surrey rides. The very best. Now if I was in belgium there would be a sign up saying this road is deteriating!! Normally they are absolutely perfect. (This wasn't something I wrote down to tell you - I'll stop on the roads for now - but all cyclist are reading and weeping or nodding!! i might take pictures for surrey council - ah, but that would mean cycling 100's of k back in the opposite direction, I'll leave that for someone else)

Pictures are coming - but these places don't allow USB thingies - so I'm just holding out!!

Special danny cuddles to one and all x

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  1. Was 'Thalia' a flower shop?

    Lots of love Thalia xxxxxxxx