Thursday, 23 July 2009

Love you guys

This is the first time I've been able to get on the internet in 6 days!!

Thanks so much for those people who came down to Dover - awesome ride even if it did put a million worries in my head. Legs were broken at the port after short but steep hills and riding the main road by accident. M&D said what a absolutely brilliant bunch of mates I had!! I agree!! Even if you did only come for free cake!!

Got to Calais fine and dandy - first thing you note is the awesome road surfaces. So good in fact that I thought I'd check out every single road in calais before I took the road I needed (including the motorway!! Ooopps). But once outta there it was awesome. Wind on my back and sun on my face!! Flat roads meant speeding along!!

Nothing too special happened so far other than waking up every morning excited about getting out there. Which was a surprise - I thought I'd need breaking in. Obviously that ride the sunday before last broke me!!

So a few stats for you:
75kg before left
0 Calf muscles
4 countries so far
130km a day ish (forgot / didn't bring bike computer)
5 meals a day
2 hrs without water if you forget to fill up in the campsite
1 swim - if you count lying in a river cooling off
20 odd degrees all day every day
1 Motorway
20 odd km in wrong direction.
1 Calf growing after 6 days - still waiting on other
20 mossie bites (mostly on scars and elbow)
4 Snickers eaten (this morning!! In addition to 3 chewy bars)
And the one you've all been waiting for.....................
1 danger dan moment. Was taking picture with one foot clipped in. Bike decided it wanted to move and dragged me to the floor with it bashing knee. Blood all down my leg but just a 'playground' stuff really. Medi kit came in handy cleaning and plaster - where was Mrs Petts & GW?

It's a simple life but one that I quite like

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  1. So where are you now? We are following you and will be in Calais tomorrow! But using the car first to Paris followed by some luxury in Moliets!
    Thinking of you when we were watching the Tour de France. Bradley Wiggins came in 4th!

    Keep up the pedal power!


    Thalia, Nick, Suzanne and Rhea x