Thursday, 30 July 2009

Sign posts

Do you think the Germans spend more on sign posts than all other countries put together? There was one sign I started reading after about 12km - I carried on for an hour, had lunch (usual seat), then knocked out a few more miles and finally came to the end of the sign. It said "Turn left if you want to go to India" (bummer - wasted morning). Oh no, I'm forgetting the Welsh. Maybe they together keep sign post manufacturers in business? Maybe it's a bit like the 'porsche' people - you know, "I've got a really big road sign"?? That kinda thing? (I'm waggling my little finger at the screen.)

The czechs on the other hand go about things in a totally different manner. They sneak round houses in the middle of the night, again like the BFG, but instead of planting dreams they look out for all the left over games of scrabble sitting on the dining room tables as people sleep. They don't disrupt the game so you never know they've been - they just take all the left over letters sitting in you letter holders. You know, the z's, c's, h's, k's - the ones you pull out when the game is almost over and curse. Now, to save money they use only these letters to produce all their road signs. They use this special machine that makes them bigger then stick them together randomly without any thought at all to ordering.

It's a crazy world we live in - I don't know how I stay so normal.

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  1. Well done, Keep it up Danny.We're are praying for you each day! Enjoy! Nic Maxwell (A friend of your Dad's)