Friday, 31 July 2009


Eyup my lovelies,

Set off for an easy one yesterday and at lunch noticed i was going to be very close to Kralove - now, I couldn't go near a place with Love in it's name without paying it a visit. Love is my food, my air, my water.

I wanted to know what Kra meant. Still don't know. It certainly doesn't mean bike or velo!! Unless it's the more touchy feely type - the trucks were driving on top of me!! It might mean Smog, or maybe Burgers, or mullets. I'm been harsh - it had a lovely centre - but getting there wasn't very nice at all!!

Might have day off tomorrow after 100 miler again today up and down, up and down, up and down, you get the picture!!

You know what is really cool to do on a day off - go cycling!! The receptionist at campsite invited me to go with her friends to cycle to some lakes and swim. I know, it's totally crazy. Some would say insane. Completely bonkers. Swimming!!! On a day off!! It sucks!!!!!

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