Monday, 27 July 2009

Last post from the West

Eyup me lovelies, hope everyone is groovy back home.

Finished my first full week in true style yesterday by going out with a bunch of German builders on the raz. These guys were huge - 6ft4 ish - all of them - I felt like Sophie from the BFG surrounded by giants!! Dinner plates for hands, nearly ripped my arm off when we shook hands. You know the stuff. Well, this will surprise lots of you, but they could drink considerably more than even me!! I ordered a latte and some strawberries at first and they gave me the look as to say "do that again and we'll kill you". So we played a nice game of cards chatted about the tour and stuff then they started playing drinking games. Oh dear. A last apple shot (that's not any weak apple thingy - tasted like meths) I headed up to bed, stopping off briefly at the toilets to say a very close goodnight to the toilet bowl.

So although I ended last week in style this one was started less so. But got out and the bike soon soothed any nasty edges. Rocking and rolling again now.

Forgot a few things last time in my haste.

First Monday in Belgium it was a bank holiday and nothing was open. I started to get very thirsty and hungry as time went on. Couldn't buy a sausage. My tongue stuck to the top of my mouth and I was considering scraping up some road kill when I saw an open sign. Hallelujah. It didn't look too inviting but needs must. I popped my head round the corner, grabbed a pack of choc willies and a can Tourine energy drink and was out of there and back on the bike full of.... beans!!

Yesterday did a bit of off road riding when I got unceremoniously dumped off the A road - only cars allowed apparently. Going through some grass and I disturbed some deer that ran alongside the bike. Earlier I'd had a eagle hovering above my bike for a bit so the shadow lay over my front wheel. Cool!!

What else... oh yeah reported one danger dan moment. There were more - the most exciting being setting fire to the campsite on my second night. Having been told to try the camp stove before I left - I decided not to and forgot to take the instructions. This resulted in my trying endlessly to light the petrol stove whilst it was upside down and leaking petrol all over the grass. When I finally hit the right spot there was a rather large fire ball and a few fireworks to match - could've roasted another pig on it. In fact might have done!! After another few attempts I realised my error in the coming days and am now able to cook food without harming local wildlife or properties. I do still get a mini fire ball as I light it but that just attracts more attention - which of course I hate!! Ö (I seem to attract many children in every campsite - they tend to stare and laugh at my inadequacies.)

(This post may include a few exaggerations and whilst reading it, mum, ignore any bits that worry you - they didn't happen. Honest!!)

So I should leave Germany by the end of today and start my journey into the unknown. Legs are holding up well and firing out 100 miles no problem at the moment. Although today I might not!! Ö

Feel the love

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