Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Is this the last one?

Rubbish movies, rubbish food, and a few tears later I was arriving in england. As soon as one toe touched the tarmac it was as if the previous 9 months had been a dream.

Picking up my precious bike and panniers I popped them together and cycled through customs and out the door to banners and cheers. Mum and Dad, Steve and Fi and someone that looked like a friend of my mums, were standing there cheering. Many hugs later the friend of my mums walked away and I asked mum who it was. Before she could answer someone walked up to me and said "do you want a picture with the princess?".

The airport

(Click for more pics)
Princess Fergie had seen Mum and Dads banner and hung around after her plane landed to cheer me in. What a lady!! One last amazing moment on a trip full of them!! We had a cuddle and a few pics and then she headed off with her last statement ringing in my ears.

"Us red heads have got to stick together" - fingers crossed she wants to help with some of the plans i have for the future!! :) Charities, PhDs, cycle teams, book writing.

My dream was over..... my new life, after a 9 month gestation period, is about to begin....

Roger that. Over and out!!

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